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Talk about EEPROM

13 Апр 2012, 14:07
I know map file will flash EEPROM blocks.
but how does it works? does It do && or ||?
And I have exported a patch from smelter. It conflicts with itself.
;Patch of 71st block
3D: FE 7E ; Disable "Security-Last 10 only" menu
3D: FE DE ; Disable "Security-Barrings" menu
3D: FE FF ; Disable "Band selection" menu
3E: FF 7F ; Disable "Display-Illumination"
3E: FF F7 ; Disable "Divert-Unanswered"
3E: FF FB ; Disable extended divert ; Not reachable/No reply/Busy
3E: FF FD ; Disable "Divert-Status check"
3E: FF FE ; Disable "Divert-Clear all"
3F: FF DF ; Disable "Divert-Receiving fax"
3F: FF EF ; Disable "Divert-Receiving data"
40: EF AF ; Disable startup Music/Animation
40: EF FF ; Disable "Network-Line" menu
41: FF F7 ; Enable DES support (M50/C55)
41: FF FD ; Disable Network User logo (x45/C55)
42: F2 B2 ; Disable WAP Browser in menu
42: F2 F3 ; Something about GPRS
43: DF CF ; Disable/Enable aircraft check
43: DF D7 ; Disable saving USSD-requests in dialed-number list C55/S55
43: DF DB ; Disable "Security-Babysitter" (x55)
44: E3 63 ; Disable 3 attempts for entering phonecode
44: E3 A3 ; Enable Fullscreen FlashSMS
44: E3 E1 ; Enable "Who it is"
I'm comfused with it. Because in smelter.ini it writes this. It's conflict with patch data up.
Bit 0,,Enable "Security-Last 10 only" menu
Bit 2,,Enable "Security-Barrings" menu
Bit 7,,Disable "Band selection" menu
Bit 8,,Enable "Display-Illumination"
Bit 12,,Enable "Divert-Unanswered"
Bit 13,,Enable extended divert ; Not reachable/No reply/Busy
Bit 14,,Enable "Divert-Status check"
Bit 15,,Enable "Divert-Clear all"
Bit 18,,Enable "Divert-Receiving fax"
Bit 19,,Enable "Divert-Receiving data"
Bit 25,,Enable startup Music/Animation
Bit 27,,Disable "Network-Line" menu
Bit 36,,Disable DES support (M50/C55)
Bit 38,,Enable Network User logo (x45/C55)
Bit 41,,Enable WAP Browser in menu
Bit 47,,Something about GPRS
Bit 48,C55,Enable Buddhist year
Bit 48,S75,SMS into mobile than into SIM
Bit 51,,Enable/Disable aircraft check
Bit 52,,Enable saving USSD-requests in dialed-number list C55/S55
Bit 53,,Enable "Security-Babysitter" (x55)
Bit 56,,Enable 3 attempts for entering phonecode
Bit 57,,Disable Fullscreen FlashSMS
Bit 62,,Disable "Who it is"

Has there anyone ever explored each bytes function of the blocks?
13 Апр 2012, 14:19
last byte
0XFF not show hidden drives, show thumbnails
0XFD show , show
0XFE not show , not show
0XFC show , not show
1st byte
0X0A: No BT option "Always visible"
0X0C: Has Always visible"
2nd byte Date format
4th byte Time zone
0X41: Beijing
0X21: Freetown
0x20: Berlin
0x42: Tokyo
0x23: Paris
1st byte
0X00—0X06 Mon-Sun
0x14 and 0x15 bytes, Explorer folders language
both 0xFF->English
Predial IP
19th byte, *#06# - Variant
0x01—0x1B -> A—Z
20th and 21th bytes
50 1F -> 501
80 3F -> 803
13 Апр 2012, 23:22
Какие темы уже пошли
14 Апр 2012, 1:09
I think that you need to check all of parameters yourself

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